Anonymous Poker Exploits Course

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A 7-day, 9-video Course for Exploiting Anonymous and Unknown Players With the Little Information You Have

G'day! Sky here from Smart Poker Study. 

This 7-Day Course will teach you how to quickly understand and exploit your anonymous and unknown opponents, no matter where or what format of NLHE you play (online, LIVE, cash, tournaments, etc.).

I've been playing on anonymous poker sites with lots of success. But at first, it was tough for me to understand the types of players at my table and pull the trigger on exploitative plays.

Anonymous sites use random numbers for player names so that you can't do long-term tracking on your opponents.

What a bummer... at first.

Then I started to study my opponent's actions and I came to realize that you don't need a heads up display to exploit your opponents (just like successful LIVE players and pros don't use a HUD when face to face with their opponents).

It's critical to pay attention and know what you're looking for.

That's what I teach you in the Anonymous Poker Exploits Course.

Over 7 days and 9 videos totaling 3.5 hours of instruction, I tell you exactly how to understand and exploit your anonymous and unknown opponents. I teach you things like:

  • The 4 basic player types and how to spot each one at your table before you reach 20 hands played (sometimes you'll spot them in hand #1!).

  • The numerous sources of information (other than a HUD) that will help you spot each player and begin making exploitative plays against them, just based on player type.

  • How to find, isolate and exploit your #1 targets: The Fish.

  • How to exploit competent tight-aggressive and loose-aggressive players.

  • Which aggressive plays you can use to win more pots and more value and who to use them against.

  • How table selection helps with way more than just finding the Fish.

  • The mental game strategies that will keep you cool and playing your A-game.

  • How to study your hands to find your mistakes and work to NOT repeat them.

  • How to use (7) different aggressive strategies AS and AGAINST the new guy at the table.

  • And so much more!

At the end of each video, I give you an action step that forces you to practice the important things you just learned.

My goal with this course is to help you succeed where others fail on the ever-growing number of sites that don't allow HUD's nor data collection. On these sites, your opponents will face a HUGE disadvantage against you because you've completed this course.

What You Get

You'll get a 43-page PDF that gives you access to the 9 videos along with action steps to take. 

I'm sure you'll enjoy your time in this course and I KNOW it will improve your skills.

I want this!

Learn how to quickly understand and exploit anonymous/unknown players with little information

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9 videos, 213 minutes total (3.5 hrs)
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Anonymous Poker Exploits Course

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I want this!