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Flopzilla Pro Course

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Learn To Use Flopzilla Pro in 6 Lessons: Create Ranges, View Equities, Analyze Hands, Improve Strategies and Build Hand Reading Skills

Hello! Sky here from Smart Poker Study. 

Flopzilla Pro is poker's #1 equity calculating and hand reading software.

It can be daunting to learn to use with all of its powerful features, and I've been using it for years now.

So, I've put all my Flopzilla Pro and coaching experience together in this 6-part video training course.

It's a "do as you consume" course, so you'll follow along with me as you actively learn to use Flopzilla Pro to become a better player.

After each part, you'll complete workbook pages to give you additional practice with Flopzilla Pro and build your range/hand/board understanding and hand reading skills.

What you'll learn:

  1. How to Create and Save Ranges for every type of preflop action
  2. How to analyze the equities of range versus hands/ranges
  3. How to understand range and board interaction to aid in post-flop decision-making
  4. How to conduct effective hand history reviews and the hand reading process
  5. How to create two-action ranges and utilize the graphs/hotness functions
  6. How to analyze bluffing opportunities to become a better bluffer

IMPORTANT - you must already own Flopzilla Pro, this does not come with a license.

What You Get ($100 value):

6-part course with 7 Videos, over 2.5 hours of "do as you consume" training to learn all the ins-and-outs of Flopzilla Pro.

A 19-page Workbook with answer key to get you taking action and learning Flopzilla Pro with each part of the course.

Bonus Items ($140 value):

Bonus #1: Video - Using The Kiss Cash Game Ranges

Bonus #2: PDF - KISS 6max and Full Ring Cash Game Ranges with directions

Bonus #3: Video - Range & Board Interaction Training

Bonus #4: Doc - Range and Board Interaction with Flopzilla Pro Worksheets

Bonus #5: Video - Creating Range Cheat Sheets With Flopzilla

Bonus #6: Video - Using Range Cheat Sheets

Bonus #7: Video - 2 Steps For Learning HUD Statistics

Get the Workbook and all bonuses - a $240 value - for only $37.

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6 Lessons, 2.5+ hours of training, 19-page workbook, with 7 video and download bonuses

Total Training Time (incl. bonuses)
11 videos, 3.75 hours
Workbook + Answer Key
19 pages
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Flopzilla Pro Course

10 ratings
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