Preflop Online Poker - PDF and MP3 Audiobook (Save $10)

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The 4 Fundamentals Every No Limit Holdem Grinder Must Learn for Better Decisions and More Profits

Are you tired of "poker information overload" and not knowing what to study next to improve your skills?

Have you ever asked yourself if learning poker were easier, what would it look like?

In this action-oriented book, Sky Matsuhashi presents an easy-to-follow road map that will help you build necessary pre-flop skills, making online poker easier and more profitable.

In Preflop Online Poker, you will find:

  • A systematic way to develop the 4 foundational preflop skills for online poker: Profitable Preflop Ranges, Blind Stealing, 3betting and Playing From the Blinds

  • Easy and intuitive ways to play with focus and study each skill from your own database of hands

  • How to exploit your opponent’s tendencies and gain more value out of them

  • A detailed breakdown of 15 VITAL HUD statistics that you’ll use in every session you play

Finally, a path to improving your poker game. No more hopscotching from skill to skill, touching each and mastering none. Preflop Online Poker will help you topple poker's dominoes on your way to the ultimate destination... Poker Excellence.

Don’t wait.

Read this book and begin your poker journey the smart way today.

What you get...

PDF version of Preflop Online Poker - 277 pages

MP3 Audiobook version of Preflop Online Poker - 25 separate tracks - 6 hours 54 minutes

Bonus Workbook PDF: The Action Steps

Listen to a sample from Preflop Online Poker

Table of Contents


Who This Book is For

What Are Poker’s Dominoes?

The 4 Preflop Dominoes

How to Use This Book

HUD Statistics

The First Domino: Preflop Ranges

Sub-Domino 1.1: Position & Player Types

Sub-Domino 1.2: Open Raising Ranges

Sub-Domino 1.3: 2bet Calling Ranges

Sub-Domino 1.4: 3bet Ranges

Sub-Domino 1.5: 3bet Defense Ranges

The Second Domino: Stealing Blinds

Sub-Domino 2.1: Stealing Fundamentals

Sub-Domino 2.2: Utilizing a Steal HUD Popup

Sub-Domino 2.3: Steal Positional Analysis & Adjusting Ranges

Sub-Domino 2.4: Blind Stealing Consequences

The Third Domino: 3bets

Sub-Domino 3.1: 3bet Essentials

Sub-Domino 3.2: Value 3bets

Sub-Domino 3.3: Making Better Bluff 3bets

Sub-Domino 3.4: 3bet Defense

The Fourth Domino: Blind Play

Sub-Domino 4.1: Defending the Blinds

Sub-Domino 4.2: Post-flop Blind Defense

Sub-Domino 4.3: Blind Versus Blind Situations

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Preflop Online Poker - PDF and MP3 Audiobook (Save $10)

3 ratings
I want this!