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Smart HUD for PokerTracker 4 with Webinar

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The Smart HUD is a robust and jam packed heads-up display developed for PokerTracker 4 to bring your in-game exploits to the next level.

Your purchase comes with (3) Smart HUD versions with 7 custom popups and a 75-minute webinar that teaches you how to use the Smart HUD to exploit every player at the table.

What poker peeps are saying

"I finally got the Smart HUD with all this training and it seems like someone just turned on a light bulb...  Sky's Smart HUD is a gold mine."

-Luigi Cappel

"Man, these SMART HUDs are the way to go! Holy smokes, dude, it’s like next level! Thank you SO much for this excellent add-on to Poker Tracker 4. I’ve been using them daily for the past two weeks and I’m thrilled with this new approach to the game. 

The Assasinato Pop-up is clutch, beyond!"

-Woody Adams

The Smart HUD's

With this purchase you get (3) versions of the Smart HUD (updated for 2024), each tailored to help you maximally exploit your NLHE opponents in the following game formats:

Cash Games

  • 18 must-have HUD elements to help you spot each player's frequencies.
  • The stats are logically grouped for quick and easy reads and exploitation.
  • Statistical color coding is in place to help you spot statistical extremes which highlight weaknesses to exploit.

6max Tournaments

  • 23 must-have HUD elements to help you spot each player's frequencies.
  • Grouped stats, color coding in place.
  • Steal and Fold vs Steal stats by position - critical info for earning those necessary blinds and antes.
  • Stats tailored for MTT/SNG play.

Full Ring Tournaments

  • A condensed tournament HUD to fit on the screen without overlapping important table elements.
  • Grouped stats, color coding in place.

The Popups

The Smart HUD comes with (7) custom popups for maximum player exploitation. 


1. All-in-one 'Assassinato' Popup

  • This is a great popup to give you quick info on a player's most common pre and post-flop tendencies.
  • Tailored after watching Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald videos.
  • Exploitative stats usefully grouped together.
  • Color coding used for quick reference.
  • This also includes the 4 default PT4 popups: Tools, Flop, Turn and River

2. Steal Popup

  • Everyone loves stealing blinds and antes, and this popup will help you earn more than your fair share.
  • It includes the most important steal stats all in one place for efficient blind/ante steals and defense.
  • Stats are presented by position to give you critically important information.
  • Color coded and visually appealing.

3. Raise First In & Fold to 3bet Popup

  • My favorite popup!
  • You and I both love exploiting our opponents with 3bets, and this popup helps us pull off more successful bluff and value 3bets.
  • This perfectly crafted popup details their RFI, VPIP and PFR stats by position, along with their Raise/Fold to 3bet stats.
  • Exploit the Fish with the 4 different Limp-related stats laid out by position.
  • Quick look steal stats are here so you don't have to hit multiple popups to learn about your blind stealing enemy.

4. 3bet Popup

  • Facing 3bets as the first raiser preflop isn't something we love, but with this popup, you can see 'em coming and adjust your ranges/sizing!
  • Stats presented in total and by position to help you quickly spot their tendencies and devise exploitative plays.
  • See how they 3bet versus different positions.
  • Squeeze and 3bet/Fold stats included.

5. Fold to Cbet Popup

  • Because you strive for Bread & Butter Poker (seeing the flop in position as the preflop raiser with the opportunity to cbet), this popup may be the one you use the most.
  • Total, IP and OOP stats allow you to know how often they fold to cbets in every situation.
  • With Cbet Raise and Check-raise stats, you know how frequently they aggressively respond to cbets.
  • Shows frequencies by street so you know when they get "honest" when facing cbets.
  • 3bet pot section covers their responses in the bigger 3bet pots.

6. Cbet Popup

  • You don't face many cbets (because you're the preflop raiser more often than the preflop caller, right?), but this popup will help you play against cbets more effectively.
  • Total, IP and OOP stats (by street) allow you to see how "flop honest", "turn honest" or even "river honest" they are when cbetting in every situation.
  • 3bet pot section as well covers this crucial aspect of today's aggressive games.

7. 2bet Popup

  • A super useful popup that shows you all the 2bet and Limp-related stats in total and by position.
  • This helps you more accurately range your opponent preflop for more effective hand reading through the streets.
  • Knowing their preflop limping and 2betting ranges will also help you more effectively iso-raise their limps or 3bet them.

When you purchase the Smart HUD, you get:

  • (3) versions for Cash, FR Tournaments and 6max Tournaments
  • Each HUD includes the (7) custom popups
  • The 75-minute "Smart HUD Webinar" recording 
  • A PDF of the webinar slides
  • A 28-day Smart HUD Plan to help you learn to exploit with it
  • “How to Import the Smart HUD into PT4” 5-minute training video
  • “Using the HUD before every decision” 33-minute in-game training video
  • “Blind Stealing Focus Session” 31-minute in-game training video
  • “Conducting a Table Session Review” 37-minute training video
  • A spreadsheet outlining all the color coding used for the stats (also with 2-color ranges for PokerStars)

Get the SMART HUD today for PokerTracker 4 and rip your opponents to shreds.  

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The Smart HUD gives you everything you need to exploit your online opponents

3 Versions
Cash, 6max and FR Tourneys
7 Custom Pops
Dozens of statistics
5 Training Videos
Over 3 hours instruction
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Smart HUD for PokerTracker 4 with Webinar

54 ratings
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