Opponent Destruction - A Poker Webinar Teaching How to Exploit Your Most Common Opponents

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The 'Opponent Destruction Webinar' took place on November 29th, 2016. It's a 1:55 webinar followed by a Q&A.


In online cash games, we’re constantly surrounded by regs at the tables. We’ve got 1,000’s of hands and good HUD stats on these players, yet they still seem to read our soul and get the better of us. We don’t know how to respond to their constant pre-flop aggression, they never seem to fold when we barrel down with 2nd pair on a scary board and they never give us the value we’re trying to extract. They aren’t yielding to our demands!

Why is that?

The reason: We don’t take the time off the felt to analyze our most common opponents on-the-felt.


Here’s a common interaction between me and one of my cash game coaching students:

Me: Who are the two most common opponents you face each session?

Student: LoserLarry234 and FloppingFish99

Me: How many hands on each?

Student: Larry… 3,500 and Flopping… 5,200

Me: Have you studied their games? Their tendencies? How they play their draws, their nuts, their marginal hands?

Student: Nope…

Me: Why the heck not?! Let me show you something…


The 49er’s know they’re battling the Chicago Bears in 2 weeks time… I guarantee they’ve studied game tape and know the capabilities of every player on the Bears, as well as their entire offensive and defensive strategies.

The Chicago Cubs just defeated the Cleveland Indians for their first World Series Championship in over 100 years… I guarantee they studied every Indians player before Game #1, both for fielding and for hitting prowess.

Let’s take a lesson from professional sports teams… when you know who your opponent is, you’ve got to spend the time getting to know their game.

Every time we land on an online poker table, we’re playing with people that we have a history with. We’ve seen them 3bet, bluff, call, check-raise and shove all-in with a variety of hands. We’ve seen how they play their draws and their marginal hands, as well as their nuts and TP hands.

Our poker software database has recorded all of this, yet we don’t use it to it’s fullest potential.

We’re always combing through our own hands, looking for our own leaks and mistakes.

What if there was another way to improve our game? A way to find the leaks, weaknesses and frequency issues of the players we play the most with at the tables? And, what if by discovering these issues, we can minimize our losses and maximize our gains vs these regs we face every session?


In the ‘Opponent Destruction Webinar’ I teach how I analyze my opponents off-the-felt so that I can destroy them on-the-felt.

All of the work I do off the felt is with PokerTracker4. I use my database of hands and do a deep dive into the hand histories of my most prolific opponents.

I run my first analysis of my opponents at 1,000 hands, then re-analyze at 3,000. Over time, players change their game as they improve their skills, so analyzing just once isn’t good enough, especially when I’m trying to understand the regs at my tables.

Here are some of the things I look for as I analyze my opponents:

Pre-flop tendencies – are they open raising too much? 3betting or folding to 3bets too much?

Post-flop tendencies – do they make or fold to cbets too often or not enough? What street do they get honest on?

Approach to draws – how do they play their draws on the flop, turn or river?

Approach to nutted hands – do they overbet to look bluffy, or underbet to get value?

Reactions to aggression – how do they play against check-raises and donk bets?

Open-raising, 2bet calling and 3betting ranges – getting a feel for what types of hands they play pre-flop and how they play them

I show you how to find each of these and more so you can devise a plan to destroy them at the tables.


  • Access to the LIVE 1:55 webinar recording
  • Q&A at the end of the webinar
  • The formatted Word document with spreadsheets included that I use to record my findings and plan my exploits. I also show you how I use it within the webinar.


1. The podcast called ‘Revenge!’ in which I discuss the steps you can take to deal with an opponent at the tables who is putting you on tilt. 

2. The training video called ‘In-game Player Targeting’. This is a game tape training video where I targeted one specific player and looked for instances where I could exploit their tendencies at the tables.

3. Your choice of a previous premium webinar:

  • Poker Mathematics
  • Getting the Most From PokerTracker 4
  • How to Study Poker
  • Mashing the Micros
  • Getting Aggressive
  • Expert Hand Reading
  • Rejamming Like a Boss
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Opponent Destruction - A Poker Webinar Teaching How to Exploit Your Most Common Opponents

2 ratings
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