Finding and Plugging Leaks with PokerTracker 4 Webinar

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Learn how to use PokerTracker 4 to efficiently find and plug your leaks, then turn your leak plugging knowledge into profitable opponent exploits.

Held on: May 29th 2019

Duration: 90-minute LIVE Webinar with a Q&A

Who is this meant for: Intended for all online poker players (cash/MTT/SNG) who use PT4 and want to find then plug their leaks (and exploit these same leaks in others). 

What others have said...

Best webinar yet and I don't say that just because I starred in it 😁


Definitely a 10/10 from me.

-David German

The Challenge

Do you wonder why you're losing money even though you spend a ton of time studying and playing? You should be a winning player by now, but simple mistakes and things you don't even know about are costing you valuable chips.

You know you're losing money somewhere, but you can't find it.

Your opponents though, they seem to know how to make you fold or gain value from you, but you can't return the favor in kind and sock it to THEIR face.

You were hoping that PokerTracker 4 would be your savior, but it hasn't worked out yet.

PT4 is the most user-friendly poker tracking software available, but the reports, filters and statistics can be hard to sift through to find your leaks.  In the jumble of stats and hands played, you know there's valuable information to be gained, but it's alluding you.

You've only got so much time for off-the-felt study, and learning how to use PT4 is much more time-consuming than watching a video on 3bet or cbet or bet sizing strategies.

You need someone to come along and tell you exactly what to look for in order to find and begin plugging your leaks.

And, wouldn't it be nice if that same person told you how to exploit others with your same leak?

The Solution

This webinar is the shortcut you need to find and plug your poker leaks using PokerTracker 4.

In this 60-minute webinar, I'm going to show you how to use reports, filters and LeakTracker to get clued in on 7 common and costly leaks.

I'll cut through the jumble of reports, filters and statistics to show you exactly what you need to do to discover your leaks.

Then, I'll tell you how to begin working to plug each leak.  And yes, I do mean WORKING because it takes study and time on-the-felt to turn your losing tendencies around and stem the flow of losses.

It takes a bit more time as well to turn your knowledge into exploits you can use against players with the same leaks you had.  But, I'm going to tell you exactly what to look for in leaky opponents and how to exploit them.

I will help you plug these 7 leaks:

1. Small 3bets

2. Double-barrel Madness

3. Poor 2bet Calling

4. Playing Too Loose

5. RFI-Call 3bets Poorly

6. Unprofitable BB Calls

7. Tourney - Limping at 10-15bb's

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

♠ How to utilize the Filters, Statistics and LeakTracker to get clued-in to your possible leaks.

♣ All you need to know about finding and plugging 7 of the most common and costly poker leaks.

♥ How to turn your leak plugging knowledge into exploitable plays you can use to earn more $$$ to your bottom line.

♦ How to work both on and off-the-felt to plug your leaks.

(13) Bonus Items Included:

1. (6) Leak Finding Reports to help find exploitable players

2. (4) Complicated Leak-indicating filters

3. Excel spreadsheet with potential leaks to research and plugging strategies

4. Video called "Importing Filters and Reports" for PT4

4. Webinar presentation slides

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Finding and Plugging Leaks with PokerTracker 4 Webinar

6 ratings
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