Poker Mathematics Webinar

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Learn how to practice poker math away from the tables and how to use it at the tables for better EV decisions and higher win rates.

Originally held on: Saturday, May 27th 2017

Duration: 2.5 Hour LIVE Webinar with a Q&A

Who: Intended for all poker players (LIVE/online, cash/MTT/SNG) who want to learn the necessary poker mathematics to improve their decisions

The Challenge

Think back to the last time you were forced to make a decision for your chip stack with only a Jack high flush draw.  Your heart was racing, your right foot was juddering rapidly and you were trying to run the math through your head... "He put me all in for half pot... I've got 9 outs, maybe one more for the back door straight draw, that's 10 outs, how often will I hit?  What are the pot odds?  What if he's got a higher flush draw?"

We know, we've been there hundreds of times as well.  You know what got us through these spots?


Yep, simple poker math, but we were able to use what we knew through loads of time off the felt running the math, and plenty of time on the felt working through the math with every decision we were faced.

Many of us know the math; break-even %'s, outs and odds, stack sizes, implied odds and Expected Value.  

Having an understanding of the math is one thing, but putting it to use at the tables is another thing.  That's where many of us need a bit of help.

The Solution

In this webinar we will teach you the poker math involved in the most common spots you encounter in every session you play.  We'll show you how the math works, how to practice it off the felt then ultimately how to use it on the felt for more profitable decision making.

It took a lot of off the felt study and on the felt practice for us to bring our skills up to the level we're at now.  We're going to share with you how you can do the same.

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

♠ How to systematically think through a poker hand using the REDI process and why math is so vital to it

♣ The importance of Expected Value (EV) in every hand you play and how to use it to make profitable decisions

♥ The Four Edges of Poker and why they're vital in making you a profitable player

♦ How to use Implied Odds in your decision making process when set-mining and playing suited connectors

♠ How to use break-even math when stealing and for blind defense

♣ How to use a combination of Fold Equity and Pot Equity for profitable betting decisions

♥ Why stack and pot size is vital to keep in mind before you commit chips to any pot


1. Podcast: 'The Maths Behind the Statistics You Use the Most’

2. Training Video: ‘Recording Common Bet Sizings and the Maths Associated’

3. Expected Value as a Function of PE and FE Spreadsheet

4. The Maths of Poker Cheat Sheet

5. Recommended Starting Hands vs Position PDF

6. Outs and Probabilities Cheat Sheet

7. Webinar Slides and Cheat Sheet

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  • How to Study Poker
  • Mashing the Micros
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$50 $45

Poker Mathematics Webinar

7 ratings
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