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Poker's Bread & Butter Webinar - Earn More Profits at The Tables

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Learn how to put yourself in the most profitable situation more often and how to exploit those who don't.

Held: January 31st, 2019

Duration: 80-minute LIVE Webinar with a Q&A

Who: Intended for all poker players (LIVE/online, cash/MTT/SNG) who want to earn more profits from the weakest opponents at the table.

The Challenge

Most of your poker profits come from putting yourself in the most profitable situation: in-position on the flop as the preflop raiser and against 1 or 2 other players.  This is what I call 'Poker's Bread & Butter'.

If you had a magic wand, you'd wave it and put yourself in B&B spots with every hand you play.

But here's the thing: too many players fail to realize where their profits come from.  They play a hand because "I love JTs" or "everyone else limped, I should to and maybe I'll hit the flop" or "it's only 2 more bb's, I can call in the BB with Q6s, right?"

Ditching our fishy, limpy, cally ways can be tough, but this is what it takes to play profitable poker.

The Solution

You're going to develop newfound aggression and a "B&B-hunting attitude".

You'll make more isolation raises, open raises and 3bets than ever before in order to find more B&B spots.

You'll use larger value-bet sizing to gain more than ever before from your strongest hands.

And, I'm also going to tell you how you can exploit your non-B&B opponents for even more profits!

This is the webinar you need in order to add more profits to your already profitable game, or to take you from a losing player to a winning player.

Your mindset will switch from "I'm playing some poker" to "I'm hunting for value from the weakest opponents at the table."

Maybe you already know what Bread & Butter is, but do you actually put yourself in those spots more frequently than others?  Do you start your session hungry for B&B?  Do you enter hands specifically for B&B opportunities?  Can you fold hands that aren't B&B?

This webinar will teach you how to get more B&B with every session you play.

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

♠ How to avoid getting to the flop in money-losing situations.

♣ How to put yourself in the most profitable spots (Bread & Butter) more often.

♥ How to spot the "marks" at each of your tables.

♦ How to exploit the "marks" based on their tendencies (both preflop and post-flop).  You'll learn different strategies for profiting from Fish versus Maniacs versus TAG's versus Nits.

(3) Bonus Items Included:

1. KISS Cash Game Ranges with directions for use

2. 2-Week Bread & Butter Plan

3. Webinar presentation slides

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Poker's Bread & Butter Webinar - Earn More Profits at The Tables

9 ratings
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