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Playing to Learn: A Micro Stakes Poker Webinar


Learn the 10 Critical Concepts of playing and profiting in the micro stakes to build your bankroll and prepare yourself to move up.

The Challenge

You've been stuck at the micro stakes far too long, but you don't know what's preventing you from building your bankroll (and skills) to move up.

  • Is it the incredibly fishy opponents?
  • Is it the super aggressive players who seem to not care about the $2 or $5 on the line?
  • Is it the inevitable suck-outs and bad beats you constantly suffer from?
  • Is it the rake?

And when things aren't going your way, you try to force the action with poor preflop hand choices and spewing chips post-flop in an effort to bluff players who seem to be unbluffable.  

Sometimes you even jump up in stakes in an effort to find "better players" and take their money to earn back your losses quickly.  But that doesn't seem to work in your favor either.

How can you stop this micro stakes madness?

This webinar is what every frustrated and losing micro stakes player needs.

The Solution

I'm going to teach you the 10 concepts you need to master in order to profit in the micro stakes and to:

  • Take you from a losing to a winning player
  • Build your bankroll so you can move up in stakes

The 10 Concepts are:

1. Play a TAG Style Preflop

2. Put Yourself in the Most Favorable Situation

3. Target the Fish at the Table

4. Study and Application

5. Know Yourself and Target Un-Comfortability

6. Daily Hand Reading Exercises

7. Aggression Wins

8. Finding the Fold

9. Playing More for More Practice

10. A Strong Mental Game

My teaching style here is CONCEPT >>> TAKE ACTION.  

I will teach you each important concept as it relates to profitable play in the micro stakes, then I'll tell you exactly how to take action on it over your next 3-5 sessions to ingrain it as a habit.

As you learn and take action, you'll begin to develop good poker habits at the micro stakes. These habits will help you now and throughout your poker journey as you move up in stakes and play against progressively tougher competition.

Play to learn, not to earn

Your goal in the micro stakes shouldn't be to earn money, but instead, you should be playing to learn:

  • New strategies
  • New exploits against weak opponents
  • How to study effectively
  • How to stay calm on the felt

By the end of the webinar, you'll have a clear plan to take from micro stakes frustration to micro stakes satisfaction. And the will naturally come as your progresses.

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

♣ How to play a tight and aggressive money-making style

♥ How to put yourself into the most profitable situation over and over again

♦ How target the weakest players at the table

♠ Why you must put in your time on-the-felt to work on important skills and get beyond variance

♣ How to keep cool and develop good mental game habits in the micro stakes

What's Included (7 Bonus Items):

1. 99-Minute Webinar Recording

2. KISS Cash Game Ranges with Instructions

3. A 30-day Plan with tasks to accomplish for Profiting at the Micro Stakes

4. (4) Ad-free micro stakes-related podcast episodes

5. PDF Webinar presentation slides

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Playing to Learn: A Micro Stakes Poker Webinar

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