Getting the Most From PokerTracker 4 - Webinar

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Getting the Most From PokerTracker 4 - Webinar

4 ratings

Learn how to get the most out of the world's greatest poker tracking software; PokerTracker 4.  Exploit opponents, track your play and dissect your game to bring massive improvement to your bottom line.

Previously held on Saturday, April 29th 2017

Duration: 1:55 LIVE Webinar followed by a Q&A

WHO: Intended for any poker player who wants to learn how to use PokerTracker 4 beyond just the HUD to improve their skills and to crush their opponents.

The Challenge

I know I faced it when I first purchased PokerTracker 4; the sheer overwhelm that so much information can bring.

There wasn't just a HUD and stats to learn, there were:

  • Popups
  • Reports
  • Filters
  • Graphs
  • Notes
  • Color coding
  • Hand tagging
  • And endless hand histories to go through

It took some time and a lot of trial and error but I finally came to understand the software after a few years of just "getting by" with it.

Many of you are in the same boat I was, and I'm here to help you sail these seas quicker and much more smoothly than I did.

The Solution

Through years of daily PT4 use, not just the HUD, but all the off-the-felt aspects of it as well, I've developed a solid understanding of its capabilities.  

I've been using PT4 to improve my game and my student's games as it's instrumental in hand history reviews sessions.  It's the perfect software for finding and fixing leaks.  It also tracks your progress (hands played, tourneys played, $ won/lost, etc.) and that of your opponents.  

Yes, you can use PT4 to dissect your opponent's play.

This software is also what makes me the coach I am.  My students all use PT4, and I show them all how to get the most out of this software.


♠ How to actively and smartly learn one aspect of your HUD and popups at a time, and build upon that knowledge until you're a master of its in-game uses

♣ How to filter through your hand histories to find your biggest leaks

♥ My Top 10 Leak Filters that always yield interesting and often unexpected results, and show you where to work to improve your game

♦ What to look for within the different statistical reports and how best to utilize all this myriad information in your studies.

♠ How to get more out of the graphs than just "Oooh, I'm up" or "Bummer, I'm down"

♣ How even MTT and SNG players can use the LeakTracker feature even though they play ZERO cash game hands

♥ How to use PT4 to dissect your opponent's games and find ways to exploit them the next time you encounter them on the felt.


1. Podcast: '3 Important PokerTracker 4 Filters for Leak Finding’

2. Training Video: ‘Learning From the 3 Important PT4 Leak Filters’

3. A PDF detailing exactly how to use my Top 10 Leak Filters

4. A PDF containing details on the Top 10 Poker HUD Stats and how I use them to exploit my opponents

5. A PDF containing all of my Color Coded Stat Ranges so you can set up your own HUD stats to properly alert you to opponent weaknesses

6. A KISS Stats Tracker to help you track your changing statistics as your skills grow

7-12. (6) reports to import into PT4: Cbet 2 Barrels and Lost; Finding Good Opponents; BB Hero and SB Villain in Unopened Pots; LeakTracker Stats Report; Player Stats Comparison Report; Player Summary Report

13. A FREE Copy of a Prior Webinar of your choice - just email me after your purchase and I'll send it to you! Choose from:

  • Poker Mathematics
  • How to Study Poker
  • Mashing the Micros
  • Getting Aggressive
  • Opponent Destruction
  • Expert Hand Reading
  • Rejamming Like a Boss

I want this!


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