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Poker Study Boot Camp Course

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A 29-day Course That Will Teach You The Most Effective On- And Off-the-felt Study Techniques That Will Build You Into The Winning Player You Want To Be.

If you're like most poker players, you only use 3 study techniques: watching videos, reading books and reviewing hands. These have been sufficient to get you where you are today, but these are not going to get you where you want to go.

You want to crush your opponents, build your bankroll, move up in stakes and start earning a side income from poker. You want to achieve success in your poker journey, not mediocrity or worse... be a forever losing player.

To achieve poker success, you have to spend time on- and off-the-felt purposefully working on your game. 

You can spin your wheels with the same old study routines and outcomes, or maximize your study time to improve your game like never before with the Poker Study Boot Camp.

This course teaches you the study strategies that you MUST use to out-learn and out-earn your competition. 

In the Poker Study Boot Camp Course, you will learn 29 powerful study techniques that will help you improve your skills in every poker area; from poker math to the mental game, from effective preflop steals to profitable river calls, and from choosing the most profitable tables to targeting the weakest opponents.

You'll learn on- and off-the-felt techniques to use in a variety of situations. Your study time will become more effective and you'll build critical money-making poker strategy skills faster than ever before.

Course Information

The Poker Study Boot Camp was created for players who want the most effective study techniques to avoid wasted time and effort. If you're looking for sure-fire methods for improving the poker strategies that matter the most, this is the course for you.

39 Videos covering 29 Study Strategies

The 39 videos (over 4 hours of coaching!) are each designed to teach you an effective on- or off-the-felt study technique so you can confidently use it to build money-making poker skills immediately.

Just 7 Minutes

Each video is at most 7 minutes long.

No wasted time.

You learn a study technique then get to work right away either on- or off-the-felt to build your poker skills with it. 

Guided Action Steps

Action is the greatest teacher.

The only way you'll learn to use the techniques effectively is by doing the work. Each video includes 1 or more action steps to propel you to study success.

Bonus Materials

Many of the study strategies come with bonus materials to help you in your studies including trackers, cheat sheets, ranges and PokerTracker 4 filters.

Course Curriculum

  • Conducting Hand History Reviews
  • Focusing on 1 Topic per Week
  • Actively Learn from Study Materials
  • Finding Hands to Study Within PokerTracker 4
  • Session Reviews
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Hand Reading
  • Tracking Your Statistics
  • Tick Sheets
  • Game Tape
  • Asking/Answering Questions Before Every Decision
  • Warm-ups
  • Range Profitability
  • In-game Hand Reading
  • Holdem Hand Range Visualizer
  • Learning How Equities Change
  • Range & Flop Texture Interaction
  • Range & Flop Texture Cheat Sheets
  • Tournament Bubble Analysis
  • Finding Leaks
  • Plugging Leaks
  • Drilling Poker Math
  • Improving HUD Stat Understanding
  • Exploiting with Stats
  • Tagging Players
  • Analyzing Players
  • PokerTracker 4 Reports
  • Mind Mapping
  • Teaching to Learn
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The 29 study strategies (via 39 videos) and valuable bonuses will turn you into a poker study commando.

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Poker Study Boot Camp Course

10 ratings
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