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Getting Aggressive | An Online Poker Webinar

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Getting Aggressive | An Online Poker Webinar

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The 'Getting Aggressive Webinar' took place on December 17th, 2016.  

It's a 1:40 webinar followed by a Q&A.

We can all profitably add some aggression to our games. Whether it’s to take down more pre-flop pots, effectively donk lead or check-raise the flop, get value out of our best hands, or to bluff more rivers, adding aggression can be a profitable endeavor.

But we’ve got to be smart when adding aggression to our game.

That’s what my webinar 'Getting Aggressive' is all about. In this webinar I teach you how to find profitable spots to use aggression to take down more pots and to get the most value from your value hands.

THE PROBLEM with Increasing Our Aggression

We know that to move from NIT to TAG to LAG play, we’ve got to play more hands and we need to do so in an aggressive matter.

I know I’ve been there. I started off a NIT, but eventually realized I needed to open up my ranges and get more aggressive with more than just QQ+ and AK. But there was a huge problem I faced: I didn’t know how to do it safely.

I started 3betting more, making more flop check-raises and donk leading lots of post-flop streets. But by doing this, I would often just find my stack dwindling as I spewed-off chips.

And chip spew led to losses and eventually tilt, which of course led me to even more losses.

But at the time, I didn’t know a better way to get aggressive. I was just doing like I saw Tom Dwan or Patrick Antonius do on Poker After Dark: “He bluffed with Ten high? I can do that.” And there I would go, spewing off more chips in failed bluff attempts.

There had to be a better way, and I’m glad I found it.


In the 'Getting Aggressive Webinar' I show you how to find profitable spots to get aggressive with bets, raises and value bets.

There are lots of stats in your PokerTracker 4 HUD that help you gauge how "foldy" vs aggression your opponent is:

  • Fold to 3bet
  • Fold to Cbet
  • Pre-flop Limp/Fold
  • Fold to Check-raise
  • and many others

I also show you lots of Combo Stats we can use to gauge our opponent's various frequencies in different spots:

  • RFI in conjunction with Fold to 3bet
  • Won When Saw Flop in conjunction with Flop Cbet
  • and many others

I'll also show you, through hand examples, how you can utilize your knowledge of these stats paired with what you know about the opponent, to make more successful bluff raises as well as get more value out of your value hands.


  • NLHE players who are looking to get more aggressive in their games
  • PokerTracker 4 users (other software as well, but all the examples and stats discussed are from PT4)


  • Access to the LIVE 1:40 webinar recording
  • Q&A at the end of the webinar
  • A list of all the stats discussed and the optimal ranges to exploit and how to exploit them
  • PDF of the webinar slides


1. The podcast called 'Be The One' in which I discuss the 4 major characteristics of tilt-inducing aggressive play.

2. The training video called '3bet Bonanza' which is a 30 game tape training video where I get aggressive each time it seems +EV to do so.

3. A copy of my Cash Preflop Ranges Infographic

4. A FREE Copy of a Prior Webinar of your choice - just email me after your purchase and I'll send it to you! Choose from:

  • Poker Mathematics
  • Getting the Most from PokerTracker 4
  • How to Study Poker
  • Mashing the Micros
  • Opponent Destruction
  • Expert Hand Reading
  • Rejamming Like a Boss
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