How To Study Poker - Webinar

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A study guide for those willing to WORK SMARTER to OUT-PERFORM and OUT-PROFIT their opponents

Originally held on Saturday, March 25th 2017

Duration: 1:50 LIVE Webinar followed by a Q&A

WHO: Intended for any poker player who wants to learn how to study using online tools and online play to develop skills well beyond those of their opponents

The Challenge

Every poker player faces the challenge of improving their game.  We read books, watch videos, listen to podcasts and study in many other ways.  But none of us have ever been taught how to smartly approach their studies.  

When we want to study 3bets for example, most of us just pull up some videos and study those.  The more active studiers might post some questionable hands in forums after running them through CREV or Flopzilla.

Most of us will skip FOCUS sessions, game tape, breaking down ranges and running break-even math, breaking down one hand for an hour in a Skype study session or search for 3bet strategies in all the poker books we own... just to name a few ;) 

There are so many ways for us to study, but we often just pick the easiest ones and go with those.  And that leads to the same results every time; spinning our study wheels which results in half-improved skills.

The Solution

Through years of self-directed study and gleaning from the pros how they work on their game, I've developed study strategies that I use to hone my game and help my students improve their games.

I've found over 20 ways to study poker and each of them can be applied to any skill or strategy you're working on.  I'm going to share those with you in this webinar.

By studying one topic through a range of study modes, we gain a more nuanced view of the skills we're tying to develop to the level of unconscious competence.  We're able to tackle 3bets or cbets or pre-flop ranges from every angle, either studying alone or with others.

This webinar will make you a more skilled poker student, which in turn will help you turn yourself into a poker crusher.


♠ My proven study strategies for building all-important foundational skills into your game

♣ How to avoid lazy learning and to actively get the most from every piece of poker strategy content out there

♥ The most under-utilized yet beneficial study technique the pros don’t want you to know about

♦ 20+ study techniques you can begin employing today

♠ A special presentation by Dennis Pedersen (ProFishPoker on Twitch) in which he will demonstrate the use of Cardrunners EV (CREV) to break-down a hand to see if his post-flop play was profitable.


1. A copy of my eBook 'How To Study Poker' 

2. A copy of the audiobook version of 'How To Study Poker'

3. 'The Four Stages of Competence’ Podcast

4. The ‘Using OBS for Poker Game Tape’ Training Video

5. A FREE Copy of a Prior Webinar of your choice - just email me after your purchase and I'll send it to you! Choose from:

  • Poker Mathematics
  • Getting the Most from PokerTracker 4
  • Mashing the Micros
  • Getting Aggressive
  • Opponent Destruction
  • Expert Hand Reading
  • Rejamming Like a Boss
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$50 $45

How To Study Poker - Webinar

0 ratings
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