Profitable Bluff Cbets and Double-barrels Webinar

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Learn how to make your preflop calling opponents fold their hands by choosing great cbet and double-barrel bluffing spots coupled with good bet sizing.

The Webinar was held on: Tuesday, February 26th 2019

Duration: 90-minute LIVE Webinar with a Q&A

Who: Intended for all poker players (LIVE/online, cash/MTT/SNG) who want to learn how to bluff cbet and double-barrel more effectively and profitably.

The Challenge

As a Bread & Butter hunter (see the January 2019 webinar:, you have more opportunities now than ever before to cbet and to double-barrel. But, even though you're getting to the flop in the most profitable situations (HU, IP as the preflop raiser), your lack of cbetting skills aren't allowing you to capitalize on this.

When the flop comes down 987 or 664 or JT8, you begin seeing "monsters under the bed" and you imagine your preflop calling opponent smacked this board big time, and any chance you have at taking it down is now lost.

Another issue you face is understanding whether or not your opponent will fold.  They called you preflop after all, so there's a decent chance they're calling again on the flop, and you don't want to throw away good money at an un-bluffable situation.

You cbet timidity also causes you to make poorly sized, way-too-small-cbets that never get you the folds you're looking for.

The Solution

This webinar will teach you to bluff cbet and double-barrel like a pro.

You're going to capitalize on the fact that you have the stronger range and the betting lead on the flop and turn by throwing out +EV and efficient post-flop bluffs.

I'm going to teach you to play with a "c'mon, let me cbet" mindset.  No more just hoping your opponent gives up preflop or that you strike gold on the flop.  You'll learn to just expect a flop, and once it comes, you'll figure out what to do.

I'll teach you which boards generally hit your preflop open-raising range, and which ones hit your calling opponent's ranges.  With this knowledge, you'll be more confident in making your bluff cbets and barrels.

I'll teach you what to look for in your opponents to help you pull off more successful bluffs, both on the flop and turn, and I'll get you to stop using your "please fold" baby sizing of 1-4bb's.

Lastly, I'm going to show you how to take your work plugging this leak and turn that into leak exploiting plays that help you earn money from opponents just like you who have a hard time cbetting.

Plugging a leak like this is great, because saving money adds to your poker bottom line.  But, turning your skills into profit earning strategies, brings even more money to your bottom line.   

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

♠ How to bluff cbet and double-barrel efficiently in +EV situations (no more throwing good chips at unwinnable pots).

♣ What to look for in flop and turn cards that increase your chances of bluff success.

♥ What to look out for in your opponents that indicate they're capable of folding.

♦ How to size your bluff bets well enough to earn the folds you're looking for.

♠ How to develop a "let me cbet attitude" that will get you feeling more comfortable in this post-flop situation that strong players most often find themselves in.

(5) Bonus Items Included:

1. The "Bluff Cbet Guidelines" one-sheet PDF - this takes the entire webinar and condenses it down into one easy-to-study sheet - color and b&w copies

2. Custom PT4 and HM2 "Cbet Honesty Exploit HUD's" for exploiting your opponent's Cbet and Fold to Cbet frequencies

3. A 2-week "Better Cbet Bluffing Plan" with Tasks and Goals 

4. Webinar presentation slides

5. Flop Board Textures Spreadsheet - for off-the-felt Flopzilla studies

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$25 $22.50

Profitable Bluff Cbets and Double-barrels Webinar

5 ratings
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