Rejamming Like a BOSS - Poker MTT Webinar

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The 'Rejamming Like a BOSS Webinar' took place on September 17th, 2016. It's a 1 hour 11 minute webinar followed by a Q&A.

Tired of getting to the money bubble with a short stack and holding on for dear life?

This Rejamming Webinar will teach you the skills you need to learn to build that stack using aggressive plays against the right opponents.

Rejamming is a 3bet bluff shove over an opener with the intention of picking up the raise, blinds and antes.

This skill is necessary for all MTT players to master, and I'm here to get you there!

This webinar took place on September 17, 2016.  It showed the participants how to rejam successfully to build their stacks so you'll be the one causing others to fear for their tourney lives.

I teach you when/how to rejam and all the factors you need to be aware of before you hit that "raise" button.  Ultimately, you want everyone to fold to your 3bet rejam, and I show you the factors that will help you make the most +EV decision.

The feedback I received from the webinar was very positive.

Once you complete the purchase here, you'll receive the complete webinar recording as well as a PDF of the webinar slides.


1. The podcast called 'Breaking Down the Rejam' in which I do a deep dive into the why, the what, the how and the math of rejamming in MTT's to build your stack

2. The training video called 'Rejamming Hand Review Using Flopzilla' in which I get to the heart of rejamming with 3 prime examples of what to look for in rejamming spots.

3. Your choice of a previous premium webinar:

  • Poker Mathematics
  • Getting the Most From PokerTracker 4
  • How to Study Poker
  • Mashing the Micros
  • Getting Aggressive
  • Opponent Destruction
  • Expert Hand Reading

These bonuses paired with the webinar make for a master class in rejamming.

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Rejamming Like a BOSS - Poker MTT Webinar

0 ratings
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